Koundinyasana A - Vinyasatreats
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Koundinyasana A

Eka Pada Koundinyasana requires an element of hip flexion and also hip abduction. 

Once you’re in Parsva Bakasana, press firmly into the floor through your arms and hands initiating that pressing action with your strong chest and back muscles (think of everything you’ve ever learnt about working with strength in Chaturanga Dandasana).

Make sure you lift your hips high too. This will ensure that your body is light because your core is engaged. If you don’t do this your body will feel heavy (because it will be sitting passively on your arms) and your center of gravity will be too wide to make the transition to Eka Pada Koundinyasana I.

Now, extend your top leg back to 6 o’clock and your bottom leg out to 9 o’clock (or 3 o’clock, depending on what side you’re doing). Move slowly. If you rush your center of gravity will shift too quickly and you’re likely to fall out of the pose. As your legs move, shift your chest forward slightly to maintain your balance. This will provide a counterbalance to the backward transfer of weight that occurs as your legs move into their new positions.

Grip firmly with the fingertips and then, to ensure no unnecessary strain is placed on the shoulders, lift the shoulders away from the floor so the arms stay at a ninety-degree angle.

Reach actively through the ball of each foot and the crown of the head.

And there you have it – a strong pose that will build your core, arm and shoulder strength and overall body awareness and control!