Yoga Instructor - Vinyasatreats
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Vinyasa Teacher Go inward, find your inner space and suddenly you will
be blowed away by an explosion of light, of beauty, of ecstasy.

Vinyasa Teacher Go inward, find your inner space and suddenly you will
be blowed away by an explosion of light, of beauty, of ecstasy.

Welcome to Vinyasa Treats

Sara is an experienced Yoga Practitioner and Instructor with an in-depth mastery of Yoga history, philosophy and Anatomy. Specialized in Vinyasa Krama practices, she is Passionate about providing creative strengthening and lengthening yoga classes to her community.

Sara’s passion for Vinyasa began when she started practicing 10 years ago, she became a yoga teacher in 2017 and started sharing her passion since.

Committed to offering a world- class yoga experience

Private Yoga Instructor

Vinyasa Treats : 2022 - Present

Providing personalized yoga sessions for individual practitioners resulting in improved flexibility, posture, and stress reduction.
• Designing personalized yoga routines to meet individual clients' needs and
• Demonstrating and coaching proper techniques and postures to help clients
achieve maximum benefits from each session.

Yoga Instructor

Le Cercle de l'Eveil : 2020-2022

Provided in-studio yoga classes for groups of practitioners resulting in improved overall wellness and satisfaction.
• Developed and conducted various styles of yoga classes, including Power
and Vinyasa.
• Provided modifications and adjustments to ensure safety and comfort of
• Increased customer satisfaction rating by 40% within the first month.

YTT Coordinator

Yoga Moves Utrecht : October - December 2018

Led daily yoga sessions and assisted with other marketing activities.
• Created and led morning and evening yoga sessions for students.
• Assisted other teachers activities, including guided meditations.
• Assisted in Studio Management including marketing, market research and workshops planning and retreat management assistance

200-HRS Vinyasa YTT

Yoga Moves Utrecht Netherlands : July - October 2017

A transformational, life-changing and inspirational experience, blending the history and philosophical teachings of yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and the foundations of good sequencing.
• Proper alignment foundations
• Asana, Pranayama and the Eight Limb Path
• The principles of applied anatomy and body movement
• Props to improve or modify postures
• Yoga history and philosophy
• Introduction to Ayurveda
• Sanskrit names
• Yoga Marketing and Business Management

Vinyasa Flow Practitioner

Daily Practice : 2013 - Present

10 years of committed yoga practice worldwide, an amazing journey filled with challenges, growth, and transformation.