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Vinyasa Teaching

Experienced Yoga Instructor with a background Vinyasa practices. Passionate about providing unique, strengthening and relaxing yoga sessions. Committed to offering a world- class experiences since 2017.

Vinyasa Classes

Retreat Management

Carefully crafted yoga retreats and workshops in hand-picked locations and settings. For Vinyasa lovers, yoga teachers, sun-seekers and dreamers.

Anyone longing to feel stronger and more alive.

Since 2013 we’ve hosted more than 70 international yoga retreats around the world and we’re not planning to stop anytime soon.

Anyone who loves challenging and diverse yoga classes with genuine, honest and passionate teachers should go on a retreat with Sara!”

Yoga Business Management

12 years successful track record in business management

Web marketing

Areas of expertise

Reach your business goals with YogaTreats. Is your studio are ready to grow? We create a customized marketing plan for your business and so drive brand awareness and growth for new and established yoga studios. Yoga is our passion and that translates to growth for your studio.



Software Engineer & Multimedia degree – 2010 in addition to 6 years of experience managing a Creative Web Agency



6 years successful track record managing digital marketing Projects for clients Références

Yoga Revenue Development

Yoga Revenue Development

I work with businesses to embrace a transformational approach, scale growth, build a sustainable competitive advantage and drive positive social impact.