Wild Thing (Camatkarasana) - Vinyasatreats
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Wild Thing (Camatkarasana)

Camatkarasana (Flip Dog’) is a fun, dynamic and challenging yoga posture. It’s a pose that requires strength and suppleness in both the shoulder and hip joints, as well as in the core.


  1. Begin in a Side Plank (Vasisthasana) with your left hand on the floor.
  2. Lift your right leg to hover above your left leg any amount.
  3. Bring the ball of your right foot to the floor on the outside of the left leg, landing with your right knee bent.
  4. If you have been on the knife-edge of your left foot, you can bring more of your sole to the floor while maintaining at least a 45-degree turn out of that foot and keeping the left leg straight.
  5. Press into both feet to lift your hips and rotate them both to face toward the ceiling. The right hip will naturally stay a bit higher than the left one due to the position of your legs.
  6. Press into your left palm and open your chest toward the ceiling.
  7. Your right arm may point straight upwards or you can release it over your head toward the front of your mat.
  8. Let your head drop back.
  9. To come out, pivot on the ball of your left foot as you lift the right leg back to the right side of your mat. As your hips and chest face the floor, drop your right hand next to your left hand to come into a Plank position. Alternatively, you can just lower your butt to the floor.


  • Facilitates heart opening
  • Stretches the side body, including the intercostal muscles between the ribs
  • Improve core strength through balance.